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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked question by the medical community.

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  • Where are your loupes manufactured?
    Admetec Loupes and lights are 100% made in Israel, in Admetec's factory in the city of Haifa. Highly trained and experienced personnel manufacture each part and confirm that your IPD and working distance are accounted for in your product.
  • What are the advantages of the Ergo over conventional TTL Loupes?
    Although all loupes enable you to sit with a straight back, only the Ergo helps you maintain a straight neck! These days, dental practitioners spend a significant amount of time outside their practice still bending their necks due to the increased use of mobile phones. From our observations (yet to be confirmed by research) there are more occasions of neck problems in young dental practitioners than there were 10 or even 5 years ago.
  • Which frame should I pick?
    Frames are largely a choice of style. However, some frames would be more suitable to some people than other frames. For example - if you have a wider facial structure, you might want to choose a wider frame such as the Morriz of Sweden Wide, or the wide option from the Blues or the Soul frames. Please check out our frames selection
  • What magnification should I choose?
    This is the million dollars question. If you ask 3 different dental practitioners, you might get 4 different answers. From our experience, a good magnification to start with would be 3.0X-5.0X in Ergo loupes (2.5X-4.5X in conventional loupes). Other criteria to consider when choosing your loupes would be: How many teeth do you want to see (the higher the magnification is, the smaller would your field of view be hence you'll see less teeth)? How much of your practice consists of endo, surgical or aesthetics? We found that most aesthetic dentistry practitioners prefer to see a wider part of the arch, while endo and surgical prefer to see more minute details while compromising on the field of view. Please remember that there's no one-size-fits-all solution here. Give us a call and we would be happy to give you further guidance.
  • What is the battery life of the Butterfly and Butterfly-S lights?
    Both Butterfly and Butterfly-S come with 3 batteries. Each of them would give you 2 hours on the highest intensity (55,000 lux for the Butterfly-S and 35,000 lux for the Butterfly) and 4 hours if you reduce the intensity to half. When you use the light, one battery will be mounted on your light while the other two can rest in the charging dock, waiting to be mounted when their turn comes.
  • What will my loupes & light case contain?
    Although there's no single answer as to how often your eye prescription will change, unless you have certain health conditions, your prescription should be stable for 2-3 years. Even when it changes, the steps are normally 0.25 which is very minute. From our over 9 years of experience, we find that very few customers contact us to change their prescription after 4-5 years, a few more after 7-8 years, but the majority of customers would not require a change even after 8 years. This statement might not apply to you if you're approaching the age of 40 or have a health condition that causes a fast deterioration of the eye-sight.

Our Products

Our wide variety of Galilean and Prismatic TTL Loupes will help you see more while enjoying our precise customization and crisp optics, all while putting the lowest possible weight on your nose bridge.

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